Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling // Online Counselor Supervision

In order to receive videoconference (i.e., telehealth) counseling services, you must be located in North Carolina (the state in which I am licensed to work).  

I use "VSEE" software - for which I have a signed Business Association Agreement with the company - and provides HIPAA compliance.  Your confidentiality is assured to the extent that it is possible with the technology used.

VSee will work from a desktop or laptop computer - or a tablet or mobile device.  If you will be using a computer, download the VSee software here.  You will not need to purchase any software, but you will need to download "VSee Messenger". If you will be using a tablet or smartphone, search your app store for "VSee Messenger".  The app icon will likely be a green square with a white "V" in the middle of it.

Once you have the software downloaded, let me know.  I will need to send you an invitation via email to create an account.  VSee has temporarily blocked all new free accounts - unless you receive an invitation from someone who already has an account.  Once you receive the invitation, you will be able to create your account and connect with me through VSee.

Here is a short video that provides instructions on how to make a call using VSee:

Clients are seen by appointment only.  At your designated appointment time, I will contact you using VSee software.  You will need to have the software loaded and open at the time of the appointment.

It will be best for you to be in a private and secure location (not a public place).  On my end, I will be in my Mebane office location, door closed, using a headset with microphone. 

You may find it easier to hear if you also use a headset/earphones/earbuds - but this is not required.  

Before your appointment, you will need to complete three forms: (1) the Client Information Form, (2) the Electronic Professional Disclosure Statement, and (3) the Telehealth Disclosure Statement.  These forms are linked here, but can also be found under the “Client Forms” area of the website.




VSee Software


Desktop or laptop computer - or a tablet or smartphone



High-speed internet connection

Headphones or earbuds (optional)


High-speed wireless or broadband Internet access is required to communicate effectively.  If you will be using a mobile device using a cell signal conneciton, you will likely need a stong signal for us to be able to communicate effectively.