Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling // Online Counselor Supervision

Supervision meetings are scheduled in (at most) one hour increments -- by appointment only.  The meetings are held entirely online. The fee is $35 per individual meeting appointment.

All payments for supervision are made online using PayPal (which allows a debit card, credit card, or a bank electronic funds transfer to be used).

Using PayPal, I will send an invoice after the scheduled time.  This feature keeps track of invoices sent and paid status.  It should also be beneficial for tax purposes (as a record of an itemized business expense).

All supervisees are still responsible for payment of a scheduled appointment, even if they fail to show for our scheduled time together. Cancellation of scheduled appointments (to avoid this cost) require a 24-hour notice - and should be cancelled directly through the online calendar, so that others may sign up for the time should it become available.

{NEW POLICY - Beginning July 2015} -  All invoices should be paid before the next appointment.

I often get asked why my fee is set lower than most traditional in-person supervisors.  The answer is simple: With the use of this technology, I have little-to-no overhead costs - no office rent, no telephone or electricity bills to pay, etc.  In addition, I believe that the cost of supervision should be affordable for those who end up having to pay for licensure supervision.